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Dr Holly Inglis


Dr Holly (she/her) is a Melbourne-born, Sydney-bred & trained, and now Hobart-living registered specialist general practitioner with a special interest in gender affirming health care. She has been looking after transgender & gender diverse patients since 2018 and is passionate about providing high quality, individualised & gender affirming care.


​Dr Holly completed her medical education, including an Advanced Science degree, medical degree and Masters in Medicine at the University of Sydney. After pursuing divergent interests in orthopaedic surgery (bones) and ophthalmology (eyes), she found it was the depth and breadth of clinical practice offered by general practice that inspired her. In 2017, she was admitted as a Fellow to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP). Dr Holly has undertaken further education in diverse areas including skin cancer (Diplomas in Skin Cancer Surgery and Dermoscopy) as well as certificates in medical nutrition management. Dr Holly is a member of AusPATH (Australian Professional Association for Trans Health) and the RACGP Special Interest Group for gender affirming care. 


Bachelor of Science (Advanced)​

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery​

Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences​

Masters of Medicine (Ophthalmic Sciences)​

Diploma of Child Health​

Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners​

Professional Diploma of Dermoscopy​

Professional & Advanced Certificates of Medical Nutrition Management​

Professional Diploma of Skin Cancer Surgery

Special interests

In addition to providing gender affirming health care, Dr Holly has a special interest in skin cancer medicine and skin cancer surgery and provides skin checks and skin cancer management at Kingston Skin Clinic. Dr Holly also has a interested in LGBTQIA+ sexual health and is a PrEP prescriber and a s100 (HIV medication) prescriber.

Other (non-medical) interests

Dr Holly is an outdoors person with a penchant for running too far. In the past she has competed at the elite level in endurance obstacle course racing but has been nursing various injuries since the pandemic. She is a keen Crossfitter, attending CrosssFit Colossus regularly (can recommend as an inclusive gym) and likes spending time with her chickens. She can compost but has not yet managed a vegie garden. 

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