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Sydney-based advocacy, education and support organisation creating opportunities for people to live their healthiest lives, striving to be a global leader in community health, inclusion and HIV responses for people of diverse sexualities and genders. Provides services locally, state-wide & nationally.



Australian Professional Association of Trans Health

Australia’s peak body for professionals involved in the health, rights and well-being of all trans people – binary and non-binary.



Equinox is a peer led trans and gender diverse & non binary health service operated by the Thorne Harbour Health, VIC. Has good introductory resources on gender affirming hormones for health professionals.


Family Planning Tasmania

Sexual and Reproductive Health for Every Body


The Gender Centre

The Gender Centre Inc. is a state-wide (NSW) multidisciplinary centre of excellence providing a broad range of specialised services that enables the exploration of gender identity and assistance with the alleviation of gender dysphoria. Has good fact sheets for both individuals and health professionals.



PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a month-long course of anti-HIV drugs that may prevent HIV infection after a possible exposure. Needs to be started within 72 hours of exposure. Follow link to find out where to get PEP in Tasmania, as well as other states. 


Liverpool HIV Interactions

The Liverpool Drug Interactions website was established in 1999 by members of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool to provide a freely available drug-drug interaction resource. Has information for HIV as well as PrEP medications and interactions with prescription as well as over-the-counter medications and recreational drugs.


QLife - 1800 184 527

Provides Australia-wide anonymous, LGBTI peer support and referral for people wanting to talk about a range of issues including sexuality, identity, gender, bodies, feelings or relationships. Services are free and include both telephone and webchat support, delivered by trained LGBTI community members across the country. Services are for LGBTI individuals, their friends and families, and health professionals in Australia.


Transcend Australia

Transcend Australia was founded in 2012 and was the first parent led, national peer support network and community for parents and carers supporting their TGDNB child in Australia.

Transcend’s purpose is to support, affirm and celebrate the lives of TGDNB children and their families and carers.


TransHub Australia

TransHub is a NSW-based digital information and resource platform for all trans and gender diverse people, their loved ones, allies and health providers. TransHub offers the information that many of individuals so desperately needed, but didn’t have access to growing up or towards their most authentic selves. Also has excellent resources for health professionals including template GP management plans created by Dr Holly Inglis

transfem sci.jpg

Transfeminine Science

Transfeminine Science is a resource for original informational content on the subject of transfeminine hormone therapy. Transfeminine Science contains articles by different writers on the subject of transfeminine hormone therapy and is written by transgender people, for transgender people—and for their medical providers.



Transfemme is a website designed to promote healthier relationships between trans women and cisgender men. 


Working It Out

Working It Out is Tasmania's sexuality, gender and intersex status support and education service. Working It Out provides support and advocacy services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+) Tasmanians and education and training programmes to schools, workplaces, government and non-government organisations.

Resources / Websites
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