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About Rainbow Care

Rainbow Care Clinic is a gender affirming health care service provided by Dr Holly Inglis, a registered specialist general practitioner with a special interest in gender affirming care, including hormone prescribing. Dr Holly practices under the informed consent or affirmation enablement model of gender affirming health care, placing autonomy and self-determination front and centre of the gender affirmation journey.

Rainbow Care Clinic is founded on the principle that you are the authority of your body & your life and it is your right to make your own choices about your body & your life (within the legal limits of age & capacity to consent)

Dr Holly practices in accordance with the AUSPATH Australian Informed Consent Standards of Care for Gender Affirming Hormonal Therapy.

Informed consent is an individual's decision, given voluntarily, to agree to a healthcare treatment, procedure or other intervention that is made ...

- following the provision of accurate and relevant information about the health care intervention and alternative options available; and

- with adequate knowledge of the benefits and material risks of the proposed intervention relevant to the individual who would be having the treatment, procedure or other intervention

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health care (2020)

"Everyone has the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, without discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Sexual and reproductive health is a fundamental aspect of this right"

Principle 17. Yogyakarta Principles+10 (2017)

Dr Holly practices in accordance with Transgender Europe's Guidelines to Human Rights-based Trans-specific Healthcare, where they apply to the individual practitioner setting, following principles of:

  • Non-discrimination

  • Bodily integrity, bodily autonomy & informed consent

  • Freedom from torture and degrading and inhuman treatment

  • Free self-determination of gender

  • Quality, specialised and decentralised care

  • Right to decide on number and spacing of own children

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